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Control Freak - Various - Traffic 100 Part 2 (File, MP3)

Sucka DJs. TR 28 Oct 13 Hardstyle. Giuseppe Sullano. TR 20 Aug 12 Uplifting Trance. TR 18 Mar 13 Hard Trance. Tekno Tom. TR 15 Jul 13 Hard Trance. Neal Thomas. The Virus TR 12 Sep 11 Hard House. The Virus. TR 05 Mar 12 Hardstyle. Neal Thomas EP 1. TR 16 Mar 09 Hard House. Air traffic control adult male vocal saying, "Flight maintain your altitude at feet". Air traffic control radio adult male vocal saying "flight have a safe departure, good day".

Adult male airline pilot saying, "Flight turn right at maintain to establish an Air traffic control adult male vocal saying, "Flight runway 8 kilo you're cleared for take Due to this, Stun Resistance can be a useful skill for combat-heavy players, as being flashbanged can usually spell death for players who are blinded while the enemy approaches.

Getting either benefit helps, although the basic version is usually enough if one desires to spend skill points elsewhere. With enough practice the skill can be overlooked entirely. Tough Guy's aced effects were buffed and moved to the basic version of Nine Lives , while its base effects were removed from the game. The basic version of this skill increases the steadiness stat of a player's armor, which mitigates camera shake.

The aced version of this skill increases bleedout health from to Note that this is only the bleedout hitpoints, and it is not related with how long you can stay in bleedout.

The basic skill will reduce camera shake, so that enemy cover fire will not sway your aim when using sniper rifles, as well as reduce the swing when being meleed. Other than that, the basic skill offers little aid, as the shake from damage, even when using the Two Piece Suit , is low enough that the player can aim with ease.

The Aced version is of questionable use, as players in bleedout do not need to draw fire from their enemies, unless they plan to revive themselves with Pistol Messiah , or serve as a decoy while an ally is reviving them.

Given the skill point cost, and the low increase in hitpoints, the player can do those tasks with the default hitpoints. Hard Boiled's basic effects were modified and moved to the basic version of Far Away , while its aced effects were tweaked and moved to the basic version of Fire Control. Although the description states it increases accuracy, this is a somewhat misleading description. The skill does make the gun more likely to hit the object at which the player is aiming, but it does this by decreasing the spread modifier of the weapon directly, rather than increasing the accuracy statistic directly.

With the basic version of this skill, the spread modifier is reduced from 3. Players should consider carefully before purchasing this skill, especially if they intend only to use the basic version. Increasing the accuracy of a shotgun may make it less useful by tightening the spread of pellets and decreasing the chance of striking many enemies or scoring a headshot.

Because shotguns utilize damage falloff, they become worthless after a certain range, dealing no damage regardless of accuracy.

When using the ace version with non-shotguns, the effect is generally beneficial, but minimally useful for such a large point investment. Other skills in the enforcer tree may be more useful in combat than this small boost to a weapon's effective range. Most of Carbon Blade's effects were modified and moved to the Portable Saw skill, while its offensive capabilities were moved to Saw Massacre.

Although the use of OVE as a weapon is risky and hardly advised, the aced version of the skill may be a beneficial asset to a player's build. The basic version can be used to allow sawing of more objects, but there is no map that will use up all of the ammo if backed-up by an ammo bag.

The aced version allows using the saw as a secondary weapon, thus retaining most of the players' firepower. Note that there are other skills, such as Berserker , which can provide similar, if not superior, buffs to the OVE without the heavy skill point investment required to ace this skill. Purchasing the basic level of this skill immediately unlocks the Improved Combined Tactical Vest for the player to use, free of any additional charge.

This armor has a base capacity of points, which is the highest in the game. The aced version allows players to knock back Shields with a melee strike, forcing them to pull their shields back and exposing them to gunfire.

It also allows the player to fire their weapons while sprinting. The Improved Combined Tactical Vest works very effectively with the Berserker skill, as it allows the player to have low health thereby increasing damage , yet retain very high survivability. Since the introduction of sniper rifles with the Gage Sniper Pack and specialized Ammunition types with the Gage Shotgun Pack , the aced version of this skill has become significantly less useful. While it was formerly one of the easiest ways to incapacitate a Shield, they can now be executed with almost total safety from a much longer range, without placing the player within hazardous melee range.

It is useful if neither weapons are available and can provide an opening for shotguns without explosive or AP slugs in close combat where collateral damage puts the team at risk.

However, the addition of the ability to sprint and shoot simultaneously does make acing the skill feasible in some scenarios. It synergizes with shotguns due to their run and gun playstyle and when paired with Overkill can allow the player to mow down crowds of enemies running to an objective or a fellow heister when mobility is of the essence. The ability to sprint while firing synergizes well with Kilmer to allow player to reload and shoot with greater accuracy while sprinting with assault rifles.

If the player chooses to wear a lighter armor, Sprinter aced will give a dodge bonus, and Moving Target may offer somewhat increased mobility. Shinobi and Sprinter will also increase movement speed. Xbox and PS3 players may want to invest some points into the Ghost skill tree to unlock the Tier 4 bonus, which reduces movement speed penalty with armour equipped.

Demolition Man's basic effects became a default gameplay feature, and its aced effects became part of the basic version of the Jack Of All Trades skill. Any heister using trip mines should take the basic version of the skill. The aced version is of relatively limited benefit as it only affects the deployment of trip mines not shaped charges, see above and therefore is only really of value when using trip mines to defend chokepoints while under fire.

If aiming for a trip mine build it may be worthwhile to ace Demolition Man, otherwise the other two tier 1 Technician skills Nerves of Steel and Rifleman are probably better choices. Nerves of Steel's basic effects was moved to the basic version of the Die Hard skill, and its aced effects became a default gameplay feature. While the player is interacting with an object i. The aced version allows players to aim down their sights even if a custom sight is equipped, contrary to the description while in bleedout.

However, if the player takes too much additional damage while in bleedout mode, they will still become unable to use their weapon, as usual. The basic version of this skill can be very useful in loud heists because it can be detrimental to the heist to have to stop interacting with a lock or a drill in order to ward off attackers.

This skill reduces the need to deal with law enforcers immediately, allowing players to save time and complete their interactions without distraction. This synergizes exceptionally well with builds focusing on high armor values, enabling the player in question to complete even long interactions without taking health damage. Perhaps most importantly, the bonus is active while reviving downed players.

The aced version of the skill can be useful for covering a team mate who while they revive the downed player, in particular making it easier to kill snipers whilst in bleed out. The effect is most noticeable when using pistols as accuracy is more important than when using SMGs or shotguns. Aced Nerves of Steel also works well in combination with Die Hard from the Enforcer tree to allow the use of sights on a primary weapon while in bleedout or with Pistol Messiah from the Mastermind tree to make it easier to kill enemies while downed and therefore revive oneself.

Combat Engineering was changed completely and its original effects became a default gameplay feature.

Turning off a trip mine will simply disable the visible red laser protruding from the explosive charge. Law enforcers moving in close proximity to the mine will have no effect; the mine will will not detonate. However, if shot at or caught in the explosion radius of grenades, the trip mine will explode as usual. Trip mines active in sensor mode will have a laser protruding from them, but this laser is blue instead of the default red.

Law enforcers passing through this laser will cause an audible tone to play briefly. Law enforcers passing through the beam of a trip mine in sensor mode will not detonate the explosive charge, nor would they be alerted, though the charge can still be activated by stray gunfire or through the use of grenades. Note that activating the trip mine's sensor mode before the trip mine has been fully deployed will cause the trip mine to divert back to its primed version. A player would either need to reactivate the mine, or wait for the mine to be fully deployed.

Though this skill has limited use in loud situations, it can be used to great effect on stealth heists, such as Framing Frame. A trip mine in sensor mode can be placed in the path of a guard patrol to alert players if there is a guard nearby. Framing Frame, especially day 3, can realize the full benefits of this skill because guards maneuver in tight spaces and frequently double back, which can surprise or pin down the player. On Death Wish, this skill gains additional benefits on Framing Frame because guards do not carry flashlights, making it exceptionally easy for guards to take the player by surprise.

In loud, the skill still has some use, as they can act as mini-Spotters in tight spaces like the Big Bank vault area. They can be used to warn the team of incoming Specials, giving the team more time to prepare and not get caught off-guard by a Cloaker or even a Bulldozer.

In smaller areas, one or two sensor mines are sufficient, though in larger maps not even six is enough. The Sentry gun deployable became unlocked by default though the mechanic of requiring a skill to unlock a sentry gun was reintroduced in the Engineering skill , and the aced effects of this skill were moved to the aced version of Eco Sentry.

The basic version of this skill unlocks the sentry gun for use, an automated defense turret, which can be deployed once in a heist that will function until it is destroyed or it runs out of ammunition. Without further upgrades, the sentry gun is quite inefficient at killing enemies. It is too underpowered and too inaccurate for later levels. The basic sentry gun is useful as a distraction, as police units tend to focus on the sentry gun rather than the players when the gun is active.

Players wishing to use the sentry gun will likely need to invest a large number of skill points into its upgrades in order to make it feasible to use in combat. The various upgrades to the sentry gun are almost necessary for it to perform well on higher difficulties, as its most basic form is feeble at best. While it is still valuable at the end-game, for players wishing to save on points, it is best to ignore the aced upgrade and instead invest in the aced version of Sentry Combat Upgrade for the shield upgrade, which makes the sentry gun invulnerable from the front.

With careful positioning, it is very unlikely that the sentry gun will take any significant damage while it is still active, negating the use of additional health.

Tactical Mines's basic effects were buffed and moved to the basic version of Combat Engineering , and its aced effects became part of High Value Target.

Entirely passive in nature, the perks are best used by tactical mine placement. By placing mines in areas with high enemy traffic, significant damage can be dealt overall; both levels allow for effective countering, providing large area damage with the basic, and a significant boost against special enemies. While the skill's name remained, Jack Of All Trades ' basic effect became the effect of Combat Engineering and its Aced effects got changed considerably, massively changing the effect of the skill in the game.

Acing the skill allows players to swap between trip mines and sentry guns during levels: by equipping either resource and depleting it, the player will automatically swap to the alternate items. This skill significantly increases the versatility of the Technician class, no longer restricting them to choosing between providing covering fire, or laying traps and setting charges.

Players using the skill should choose carefully on each day, and deploy items tactfully to maximize the effectiveness of both. Since items cannot be swapped at will, players with multiple charges or sentry guns should plan ahead: if, for example, a player urgently needs sentry cover but has leftover C4, all charges must be wasted before the swap can be made. Neither can shaped charges be placed while the sentry gun is still equipped.

The full effects of Silent Breaching were moved to the basic version of Hardware Expert. Non-upgraded drills, by default, have a sound radius of 25 meters.

Guards or gangsters within this range will path towards the drill to investigate. If an object blocks the enemy's line of sight of the drill, this range is halved to a default distance of The basic version of this skill reduces the default sound radius to 9 meters, and 4.

Acing the skill reduces this radius to zero, meaning guards and civilians must spot the drill themselves to become alerted. Note: The sawing references to the saws in the Aftershock heist. It doesn't alter the OVE saw in any way. In loud heists, this skill is entirely useless, as sound radius is meaningless if the players have already been detected.

However, there are some circumstances on quiet heists when loud drills are preferred over silent ones. One of the most common examples of this is the power box room on Firestarter Day 3. A loud drill can be started on this room on the roof of the bank to lure guards to a secluded area where they can be easily killed. If in doubt, it is best to consult with your team before silencing a potentially beneficial drill.

Small American town - downtown street with sparse traffic and rumbling - low end - XY stereo. Small American town - downtown street with sparse traffic and airy noise - XY stereo. Small American town - downtown parking garage - stairwell elevator entrance - traffic - XY stereo. Small American town - downtown intersection - school bus and sparse distant traffic - XY stereo.

Small American town - downtown - morning - outside of cafe - traffic, talking, and cars passing by - XY Chris Knight. Jem Gordon. Jake Carless.

Spike Sketch. Thomas Clayton. David Squindo. Will Bartlett. Air Traffic Control is a simple and very addictive line drawing game, take a seat in the control tower as a commander over the airspace. Do you like cars? Are you a car driver? Advantage driving the traffic of the city and get to the boss missions traffic will propose , as Related Searches wifi control traffic. Sort by.

Our free traffic sounds are the perfect background to any busy city or town ambience and we also have slower moving traffic ideal for suburban and rural scenes or backgrounds too. In fact, we’ve got traffic sound effects from all around the world, including the UK, many European countries, Asia, the United States of America and many more. There are fast moving vehicles on motorways and.

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  1. This time the Traffic went for the all time legendary track Super Freak By Rick James as the A side to this hot The result is a full-tilt hard hitter version of the classic that has all the nuances of the original and some extra sass thrown in.. As a bonus, the outro has a special ode to an "artist" who also dabbled with parts of Super Freak!!
  2. For all new purchases go to the new crepnanraibrasacos.lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.infoinfo site. This site is an archive only website. Mp3 previews are low resolution, the purchased WAV files are professional quality, the same sound effects used in hundreds of Hollywood feature films.
  3. BMW i3 - driving in traffic at 50 km/h - rear tires perspective - passes by from oncoming cars 2.
  4. BMW i3 - driving in traffic at 50 km/h - rear tires perspective - passes by from oncoming cars 2.
  5. Nov 07,  · Provided to YouTube by Entertainment One Distribution US Control Freak · Anthony David Love Out Loud ℗ Dome Records ℗ Entertainment One Music Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  6. Mp3 previews are low resolution, the purchased WAV files are professional quality, the same sound effects used in hundreds of Hollywood feature films. Category: Traffic Various / Subcategory: Cities Rows 1 - 50 of Library Preview Description Seconds Max Cost Backgrounds - Small Town Traffic Ambience - Car & Truck Bys @ Various Speeds, Few.
  7. Dua Lipa - Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel) Paul Damixie - Get Lost(Matt Nash - Know My Love Paramore - Hard Times DNCE crepnanraibrasacos.lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.infoinfo MINAJ - KISSING STRANGERS TCTS feat Sage The Gemini & .
  8. Traffic Sound Effects. All files are free to download and use, although a donation is always appreciated. To download, right-click the link to the file you want, then select "Save Link As " (or whatever wording your browser uses).
  9. 17 • NEVER SAY DIE + DISCIPLE + SLUGZ. New York. 16 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Control Freak on your desktop or mobile device.

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